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Exclusive Tours & Safaris

Nairobi Car Hire ServiceTM offers travellers a wide range tours and safaris options. Kenya is blessed with incredible diversity of cultures, wildlife and landscapes which provides endless opportunities. With many options at hand, we can plan the most enjoyable and memorable trip packed with fun and adventure.

With Nairobi Car Hire ServiceTM it is very easy and trouble-free to plan and prepare a safari for you and your family. If you are arranging a trip to Kenya, talk to us and our tour guides will help you plan your trip based on where you would like visit, what you would want to experience and what you would like to do.

With our tours and safari service, travelling is always a pleasure. We provide a range of enticing tours of Maasai Mara, Mombasa, Lamu and Mount Kenya to both locals and tourists. Our service takes care of all your travel requirements including transport and accommodation. When you choose our Exclusive Tours & Safari service, you can rest assured that you will get the best deal with first-class comfort, tailored to your requirements.

If you are a Kenyan, who would like to experience more of our country or a tourist in Kenya - looking to explore national parks and authentic culture and historic sites - our tour guides will take you right to the action.

Kenya has a wide range of environments all in reasonably close proximity to one another. In addition, the country has excellent travel infrastructure. Tourist can choose to stay in a single area or to travel to various parts of the country and explore different places.

The length of your stay determines how much you get to see. Staying in one location lets you travel around that location in great detail. On the other hand, travelling to various parts ensures you explore more about Kenya.

Regardless of how long you stay, we guarantee that our company will make your visit fun and memorable! For the best safari ever, please talk to us. We offer special honeymoon packages to the most exclusive and exotic locations in Kenya.

Kenya's rich diversity of wildlife means that you experience the best safari ever!